We raise the bar to exceed both hotelier and guest’s expectations of filled bedding in the hospitality sector.

Our products have been designed to meet the busy demands of hospitality; resilient & durable to withstand repeat washing, whilst delivering sumptuously soft bedding for guests.

Some of our distinguished clientele include International Continental – 02 London, St Michael’s Manor, and Fontevraud L’Hotel.

Retail Own Label
We are proud to have maintained strong partnerships with numerous own label retail giants such as John Lewis for nearly 30 years.

We consistently fulfil and exceed own label requirements on an international level.

Our fully owned Estonian manufacturing facility and sourcing office in China offer full control to deliver flexible, tailored solutions for each retail partner.

Our brands have been intentionally devised to fulfill consumer desires across the spectrum, whilst offering our retailers trusted household branded names that are proven to drive sales.

We understand the needs of end-users and consumers, and have tapped into the insights and changing trends in the purchasing journey that help our retail partners succeed.



Our expertise in the filled bedding field means we not only supply you with a quality finished product, but we offer a specialist service of support at every touch point. From training and support to bespoke customer solutions find out how we can help you…


We believe a vital part of the consumer purchasing journey is meeting shop floor sales staff whom are comfortable and confident in fielding filled bedding questions. Training is therefore a top priority. We provide tailored training solutions for each customer.


We understand how important the look and feel of the shop floor is for representing a brand and never underestimate the significance ease of navigation plays in a consumers purchasing journey. From planograms to illustrations we provide tailored merchandising solutions.


We offer tailored solutions to suit your industry, customer and requirements. With an ever changing, developing market we all must adapt to the emerging landscape. We understand that for a thriving business bespoke innovative solutions are what will drive success.


Enquire about our diverse range of services to find out how we can help you.

Whether you’re an interior designer working on your latest project, an own label giant identifying the latest need in the market place or a cruise liner requiring high performance bedding for an exceedingly demanding commercial environment we will find the right tailored solution for you.
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